Richie, Rhonda & Billy reside in a leafy suburb on the southern outskirts of Sydney.
The biggest inspiration being their young son Billy who is already showing signs of having
a drawing and rhyming talent of his own.

Not a bad effort for an ex butcher and an illustrator with no formal training.

We thank you for helping us with the success of Giggly Times Giggly Rhymes #1
400+ schools, 200+ preschools, and 20 libraries.

We are now proud to release our second edition. ON SALE NOW!!!
Giggly Times Giggly Rhymes #2 will be beautifully presented in hard cover.

This will be a new series of fun giggly rhymes for children of all ages and the young at heart.

Hope you have a giggly time reading our giggly rhymes, with many more laughs to come!

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