Reviews and feedback from the kids at Kareela Primary School.

From the Kareela Primary Newsletter:

Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed a visit from local author Richie Cotton, Richie shared his new book. We heard lots of rhymes and children had a lot of fun making up rhymes with Richie. Well done to Matlida in 1F who wrote a rhyme that Richie likes so much, he kept it! Also Connor in whose illustrations are now in Richie’s possession too! Richie was certainly impressed with the wonderful children at Kareela PS and commented not only on their ability to rhyme but also their beatuiful bahviour. Well Done Children!

Here are a few quotes from our Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 students:

Today I went to the Library to see a very special visitor. It was Richie, a very popular rhymer. He writes thyming books and we saw some of his rhymes – Riley
I loved his drawings – Antonia
My Favourite part was looking at his rhymes- Layla
Richie was telling us about writing poems in a book. Some of his stories are so funny and some are sad but they are all still good so I think he should keepwriting powems because they are awesome – Imogen
Richie does very good books. I like the spider poem. They are all very funny – Scarlett
I liked Richie’s rhyming words that he used in his books. he even brought his books in so we could buy them. I made up my own rhymes yesterday – Max
I liked Eichie’s stories becuase they’re funny and it is fun listening to them. – Melissa
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