Reviews – PROBUS Guest Speaker: “Creativity After 50!” by Richie Cotton

Malabar Combined

Dear Richie,

Well, from the moment Richie got up and commenced his talk, we were a captive audience.
Despite being ‘golden-oldies’ he somehow appealed to the small child we keep deep inside us.
His butcher shop tales had us in stitches, while his poetry was sheer genius, and I know what my thoughts will be now, whenever I spot a yellow canary.

Here are some comments from my colleagues when I asked me what they thought….
“Terrific”. “Could have listened for another hour”. “Great delivery”. “Had a real good laugh.” “So enjoyable”. “Wasn’t he good?”

Having someone comment they could have listened for another is high praise indeed,
So Richie, many thanks for your visit and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.
Helen Fatouros, Secretary
Malabar Combined Probus Club.



Hi Richie,

Well what can I say! Richie your talk to our Probus Club, about your life and your 2 Children’s books – Giggly Times, & Giggly Rhymes 1 & 2 was fantastic, and we loved it.

I have already been inundated from our members, expressing their gratitude and thanks in having invited and secured such a different guest speaker, a speaker that everyone both men and ladies enjoyed. Your story was inspiring and listening to the rhymes was great fun.

Jenny as well as many other members bought both books for our Grandson, Angus.
Richie, on behalf of our 150 members, please accept our very kind thanks for your presentation, everyone enjoyed it so much and was inspired by what you have done in your life. I will certainly be recommending to other Probus Clubs in the area that they should invite you along as a guest speaker.

Duncan Oakhill/Dural Probus Speakers/Members Convener


Grandview Ladies


On behalf of the Ladies Probus Club of Grandview I would like to express our appreciation for the very informative, entertaining and interesting presentation that Richie Cotton gave at our club on the 15th June 2015. “Creativity After 50″ proved to embrace his life prior to becoming an author and how the books came to be. Picture Book Poems for Children …”Giggly Times Giggly Rhymes” both in print and recording are delightfully and happily
presented with illustrations of a very high standard.

We wish all three – Richie, Rhonda and Billy continued success in the future.

Evelyn Harwin
Secretary & Speakers Organizer



Hi Richie

It was great to listen to you today and to hear your life story plus hear your Rhymes, so good to enjoy such humour. It was obvious just how much our members loved the rhymes and showed so much interest in what you are doing, plenty of questions were asked too!

I bought both of your books, Giggly Rhymes and Giggly Times for my grandchildren, both kids sat down and looked right through each book, loving the illustrations so much! Tonight they intend to read some of the rhymes before going off to sleep.

Your enterprise is so inspirational Richie, we all hope it continues to grow for you, having your wife to illustrate is just the best thing, and including your little son, Billy, is such a great thing too.

Your stories from your time as a butcher and your acting stories captivated everyone, again the questions were forthcoming.

With our very best wishes and grateful thanks for today’s presentation,

Helen Dean, Mittagong Probus



Hi Richie,
Précis as requested.
A self-confessed larrikin, Richie Cotton entertained our Probus group with his life stories and poetry.
His catch cry is “Creativity after 50″ at which age he started writing.
He explained the difficulties of getting publishers interested in an unknown citizen’s work.
There was much laughter in the room as he read many short poems.
All agreed it was very entertaining. One gentleman suggested we get him back ” to hear it all over again.”
Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and brought two books afterwards. Most of our people brought books (to the extent that he ran out of stock.)

Best regards,
Richard Jones (Loftus Probus Secretary)


San Souci Ladies

Hi Richie
Thank you so much for being our Guest Speaker. The story behind Billy’s Books was so inspiring.
How wonderful it was to sit back and listen to the rhymes that you told us, it was sheer fun, something the world needs a lot more of before we forget what it felt like.
Along with most of our members I bought both of your books (for the grand children of course) had a great laugh.
Please continue with developing your more serious poetry, a few well chosen lines can portray a lifetime.
I will be passing your name on to my friends at church and other Probus Clubs. We wish you well for the future.
Best regards
Joan Lean
Sans Souci Ladies Probus



Dear Ritchie,

On behalf of The Probus Club of Monterey I want to thank you for your delightful talk at our meeting today.

Your life experiences are quite unique and clearly provide you with a wealth of ideas and situations which you have woven into your
“Giggly Times” and “Giggly Rhymes”, designed to not only appeal to and amuse young audiences, but also to
encourage them to embrace both reading and indeed writing for themselves.

The attractive presentation and production of your books is due in no small part to the exceptional talent of your (in-house!) illustrator!

Of particular interest was the potential of your books to attract the interest and engage the talent of indigenous youngsters.

Our audience also greatly enjoyed your anecdotes arising from your experiences both as butcher and actor.

Your books deserve to attain the status of “Best Seller” – and we wish you the very best in this regard.
Your enterprise is inspirational!

With renewed thanks for a most entertaining presentation and kindest regards,

Robyn Rowe


Hunters Hill

Today we had Richie Cotton to speak to us about his book life,also as an actor and butcher.

We found him to be very interesting with a great sense of humour and a great presentation.

He told interesting stories and held us captive for an hour.

I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Anita Lowe
Speaker Co ordinator.
Hunters Hill Women’s Probus Club.



Our Probus club recently had Ritchie Cotton from Billy’s books as our guest speaker. His talk was
refreshing and kept the members interested with his reading of brief passages of poetry and adding
anecdotes of his life. His understanding of self-publishing gave an insight into what is involved if a
budding author wished to go down this path, but encouraged enthusiastic writers to follow their
He willingly answered questions and then offered his books for sale at the end of his talk.

Jan Gray, Guest Speaker Chair-person Probus Club of Prospect.

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